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Our experienced locksmiths often arrive within 20 minutes for an emergency!

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Locksmith Deventer

There are plenty of reasons to call in a locksmith. It could be a case of a lost housekey, maybe you need your locks replaced or brand new ones installed. Even when the locks have been damaged from a burglar and you need replacement, the locksmith will still come by to fix it for you. The locksmith Deventer is an expert and does the job with in full knowledge. With the right equipment and the best products he will execute the needed duties for an honest price. The locksmith is active in Deventer and surroundings and is available day and night to make an appointment, even in the weekends and holidays. In case of an emergency there’s often someone who can be there within minutes time to help you out.

Emergency Service

When you have an issue with your locks that needs to be solved in a rush, don’t hesitate to contact our emergency services by phone, which is available 24 hours a week.


Opening Locks

Have you forgotten or lost your keys? Or did it break off inside the lock? No panic! The locksmith Deventer will drop by in no time to open your lock. This is often possible without damaging the lock itself, which means you’ll be able to go inside very quickly.


Replacing Locks

Locksmith Deventer represents quick service when it comes to replacing locks. If there’s been a break-in, the locksmith will come by as fast as they can to replace these locks. Even damaged locks can be replaced!


Burglary Prevention

As the experts , in terms of security, our craftsmen are happy to come over to help you out. We can tell you all about the best possibilities for burglar prevention and we have the best tools to make it happen professionally.


Core Pull Protection

Locksmith Deventer is there to assemble the “Core Pull Protection” too. This is a tool that will cover the cylinder locks, which makes it impossible to pull the core out of the lock.


Multi-point Lock System

The safety of your home can be increased by decent locks like a multi-point locking system. This system will lock your door in multiple places at once. Locksmith Deventer will assemble this in a quick and efficient manner for the best security.


Patrick is a lockspecialist with full knowledge. He has experience in opening, repairing and assembling varieties of locks. Besides carrying out these tasks, he also gives advise about burglar prevention. Patrick is there for both particular and business customers that want to make use of his expertise.

Lock Expert


Lockspecialist Jeremy is specialized in replacing outdated locks, opening locks and providing security. With the expertise he has, he can tackle every job that’s given. Won’t your safe open? Jeremy can open any safe without damaging your precious belongings.

Lock Specialist


Locksmith Vincent is available 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. He has knowledge of locks, reparations, openings safes and can advice you about burglar prevention. With the professional tools and the locksmith’s expertise, Vincent can execute every task for you.


Emergency Service in Deventer

Do you need a locksmith urgently? Make sure you make an appointment very quickly. The locksmith in Deventer is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. That means you can call for help even on the weekends and holidays. Emergencies need to be solved as soon as possible, we know how important that is. Has your key broken off in the lock, have you lost your key or has there been a burglary? In that case, we will be there as fast as we can to solve the problem. Our specialists work with professional materials and equipment. This makes it possible for the locksmiths to open or replace locks without damaging anything. If the lock has been damaged, the locksmith will replace it with a new exemplar that’s made out of better quality.

Replacing locks in Deventer

We’ll come around to replace you old locks or damaged locks.

Replacing cylinder locks

In need of a new cylinder lock or a cylinder lock with certificate? Feel free to contact us for an appointment.

Core Pull Protection

Do you want to protect your home or premises against burglary? Let the locksmith mount a “core pull protection” on your cylinder locks.

Replacing locks

Do you want to get your locks replaced? Locksmith Deventer is the right choice then. The experts are on hand to replace all kinds of locks. With their expertise and professional equipment the locksmiths will replace your locks in no time. Besides that, we give advice about burglar prevention and make sure we provide the best home security with certified locks. We replace locks for many different reasons, like when a lock is outdated or damaged but also if the key has broken off in the lock. When the key can’t be removed without damaging the lock, we’ll replace the lock for a new one. Replacing the locks will be done professionally and for an honest price. Would you like to know more about your possibilities? Feel free to contact us to make an appointment.

Emergency Locksmith Deventer

Has the key broken off inside the lock, have you lost or forgotten your keys somewhere, has there been a burglary or is there another reason you might need a locksmith urgently? Contact our locksmith directly. The locksmith in Deventer are there for you day and night and is 24/7 available for appointments, even on weekends and holidays! An appointment can be made directly and most of the time the locksmith will arrive within 30 minutes. Our locksmiths drive around the neighbourhood day and night to help people like you. The emergency services include skilful advice, professional help and you’ll pay an honest price for our services.

Frequently asked questions Locksmith Deventer

That depends on the state of the locks. If the locks are outdated, damaged or rusty, they always need replacement. The locksmiths are happy to come by to take a look at your locks and give advice and obviously, we would love to install them for you!
Cylinder locks are more safe than the usual locks. A good cylinder lock is provided with a certificate to indicate the safety. The locksmith can advice you a certain lock and assemble it for you. In addition, extra safety can be provided by installing a “Core Pull Proteciton” covering you cylinder lock. This makes it harder for burglars to enter your home.
Core Pull Protection is a tool that covers you cylinder lock. This adjustment makes it impossible for burglars to pull the cylinder out of it’s case and break the door open. This prevents so called “core pulling” from happening.
Locks need to fulfill certain norm to be called safe. The locksmith can tell you all about the requirements your locks need. On the basis of that advice, he can install new locks if necessary.
The locksmiths is 24/7 available to make appointments, even in the weekends and holidays. In case of an emergency, you can make an appointment directly and we will try our best to be there within 30 minutes.

Nina from Deventer

This weekend, the locksmith in Deventer helped us out really well. My daughter of 4 accidently closed the front door, so we couldn’t enter anymore. The keys were still inside on the staircase. I called the locksmiths and they arrived in 10 minutes to open the door for us.

Genelva from Deventer

I recently called the locksmith in Deventer. I wanted information about improving the security of my home. He was a really nice man and he had a lot of knowledge about locks. We spoke on the phone for like 45 minutes! I now know exactly which locks I need. They’re installing them on Monday!

Joshua from Deventer

My key had broken off and was still inside the lock itself. I didn’t really know what to do. Eventually, I called the locksmith in Deventer. They told me they were available right away, on a Saturday night! Amazing service. He got the key out of the lock and made a new one right away!


Working field locksmith Deventer

The locksmith is always in the nearby if you need one. The area he works in spreads through the entire country but has an establishment close to Deventer. This makes it easy to make an appointment very quickly. Do you need a locksmith urgently? In that case, the locksmith will be able to arrive within half an hour. We provide our services for the entire area of Deventer and even further. Our services are executed through the entire country, even if it’s an emergency. Even if you don’t live close to Deventer, we can often still be there within 30 minutes.